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        management system

        Company to product quality as the lifeline, based on the domestic, global service as the concept, to high-quality services and domestic and foreign users to establish a good relationship of cooperation...

        Staff team

        Since its inception, the company through a variety of ways to improve the quality of the company's staff awareness and quality of implementation...


        Companies have won:
        American Petroleum Institute API-Q1 quality system certification;
        American Petroleum Institute API7K certification...

        Sales network

        The company has a stable customer base and strong sales network, spread all over the domestic and foreign markets. Through years of cooperation, the company has received extensive trust from its clients...

        Dezhou Longke Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd.

        ? ? ● Dezhou Longke Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in February 10, 1999, is located in Dezhou Economic Development Zone, University Road No. 2127, The registered capital is 56 million yuan only, covers an area of 35 acres, workshop of nearly 5000m2. ? ? ●?The company is a high-tech enterprise integrating product design, production and service. Mainly engaged in oil drilling, cementing, fishing and oil production equipment, tools research and development. The company has independent im...

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        Dezhou Longke Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd.

        No.2127,East of College Road,Economic&Technology Development Zone,Dezhou,Shandong,China

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